OTC offers expertise to enhance, not duplicate, what is already available within the local and surrounding community(s). Through partnership with existing providers and families, OTC offers specialized assessment(s), consultations, home programs, & direct treatment, to help children grow and develop at home and school and to make it easier for adults and parents, to live their lives to the fullest.

Services remain affordable and flexible to a broad range of income levels and clients. If a full standardized assessment or ongoing treatment is indicated but not affordable, parents may still access some level of support through less expensive and more brief screening, consultative sessions, or small group classes. Additionally, OTC services may be used to enhance vs. replace existing services your child is already receiving!

Assessment - Comprehensive assessment is needed for different reasons and private standardized assessment means a neutral third party objective opinion. Standardized and non-standardized developmental assessments are available and in cases where full assessment is not indicated, if the need for full assessment is questionable, or if full assessment is not affordable, a brief screening option is also available at a lower cost.

Treatment - Direct individual treatment to address: learning disabilities, sensory processing, autism, fine & gross motor coordination, problems of attention, visual motor integration, brain injury, trauma, and help with handwriting & completion of homework, mealtime/picky eating, bedtime, dressing or other daily activity challenges; we offer weekly and intensive models of service and offer on-site and in-home services when indicated and logistically feasible.

Consultation - Sometimes parents & caregivers simply need a second opinion or professional input regarding next steps. We offer guidance and support on a session-by-session basis, to parents and caregivers re: IEP's, pre or post-adoption planning, clarifying need for assessment or treatment, treatment planning and home programs.

Home Programs - May supplement, enhance, or replace clinic-based services. Ask us about use of Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) ® and Interactive Metronome, (IM-home)® or a "Sensory Diet" as an adjunct to existing services or as a stand-alone home program.

Little Girl Eating

Feeding Therapy - Our "I CAN…eat!" feeding clinic uses the SOS Approach (R) and combines speech, occupational, and nutrition therapy for children without complicated medical status but current feeding challenges, including history of medical challenges, picky eating, eating disorders, and food aversions.

Counseling - Occupational Therapy may only be one piece of the puzzle that is needed to promote optimal development for many children, and when additional support outside the scope of OT is needed OTC offers counseling for a specific reason or targeted problem a child or parent is having with their child, at the same time as they receive their OT session. It is an affordable and easily accessible opportunity to supplement a child’s OT services and address challenges that may be hindering their progress, or overlapping or compounding the challenges for which they are being seen by OT and a different approach is needed. Counseling services are individualized so they may be brief (3-4 sessions) or ongoing, depending on client needs.

Classes & Workshops - See our current season schedule of affordable classes & parent workshops here.

Professional Training - OTC offers customized workshops to schools, child & family service agencies, professional organizations, and parents regarding any number of topics relevant to the group requesting the training. Costs are determined as mutually agreed upon with the requesting group. OTC also offers structured observations to high school seniors & college students interested in the profession as well as Level II fieldwork opportunities to current OT graduate students. Please contact us for details!

"If someone had told me our lives could be like this, I wouldn't have believed them. I see a 180 degree difference in [our daughter], since we started therapy. I can't thank Kelly enough for what she has given our family." — Mom to 7 y.o. girl post international adoption —
"You are the first person who has given us some answers and told us what to do." — Dad to 7 y.o. boy with learning disability —
"You helped me to "understand" [my son]. As a parent we may look at therapy as a way to fix our children. I'm sure that is why we originally came, but along the way I realized that understanding and learning how to support [our son] were more important than just a "fix"." — Mom to 8 y.o. boy with learning disability —
"Thank you for giving us our little boy back." — Mom to 3 y.o. boy with brain injury —

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