We believe it's important to think outside the box!

Boys in a Box
  • We rely on relationships. We work closely with parents and have built a network of partnerships to build effective and lasting solutions to the challenges parents encounter with their children every day. We offer scientific explanations and evidence-based solutions for the seemingly simple things people do every day.
  • We have an extensive clinical background. We are able to offer an integrative approach to treating complex problems. We can combine sensory interventions with mental health services and work with children, adolescents and people of all ages.
  • All therapists have advanced certification in sensory integration. We have the competence to administer and score the standardized Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT), and the ability to accurately identify and treat problems in sensory integration and other developmental diagnoses.
  • We offer intensive treatment opportunities beyond traditional once per week therapy. Research shows that increased frequency of service may lead to improved functional outcomes and clinical experience shows it can shorten the overall length of time that treatment may be needed. Ask us about intensive treatment options that may be available.
  • We emphasize home programs and have dual certification in integrated listening systems (iLs) and interactive metronome (IM-Home). Parents know their kids better than anyone, and when parents are involved it means increased potential for successful outcomes of therapy. Thus, every client gets a home program. We offer many options for structured therapeutic home programs, sensory diets, or less formal DIY strategies that parents can implement, either with or without clinic-based services.
  • We view behavior as a symptom of an underlying need, and getting to the root of why a child behaves the way they do, is fundamental to "fixing" it. Every child wants to succeed and please and every child seeks out what they need at some level. By seeing behaviors as "clues", we try to discover and uncover the activities and strategies that will be most helpful at home and school.
  • We have a fee-for-service payment structure. Being an out of network provider affords us the flexibility and independence to be creative in how and where services are provided, to do clinically what clients need most, and to offer treatments that are consistent with models of "best-practice".

Our Vision

Boys in a Box

OTC will be the leading trusted local resource for developmental services, helping to make daily activities easier for you and your family.

Our Approach

At Occupational Therapy Consulting, we know that accurate and comprehensive assessment is the foundation of effective treatment and collaboration is the key to effective services. We are a small, therapist owned and operated pediatric private practice which grew out of the need for specialized services and a desire to work closely with parents and other disciplines. At OTC we use our unique knowledge of how the brain and body work together to help people understand their children and what types of interventions they may need, if intervention is needed, and what types of activities they can do at home to improve their lives.

We don't believe every child needs treatment. We do believe every child can benefit from playful activities, development can be influenced by activity, and that every brain has an inherent ability to change at any age. Treatment plans are written to be re-evaluated within 6 weeks of starting treatment, and parents play an active and integral role in every therapeutic process.

"If someone had told me our lives could be like this, I wouldn't have believed them. I see a 180 degree difference in [our daughter], since we started therapy. I can't thank Kelly enough for what she has given our family." — Mom to 7 y.o. girl post international adoption —
"You are the first person who has given us some answers and told us what to do." — Dad to 7 y.o. boy with learning disability —
"You helped me to "understand" [my son]. As a parent we may look at therapy as a way to fix our children. I'm sure that is why we originally came, but along the way I realized that understanding and learning how to support [our son] were more important than just a "fix"." — Mom to 8 y.o. boy with learning disability —
"Thank you for giving us our little boy back." — Mom to 3 y.o. boy with brain injury —

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