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About Us

At OTC we think outside the box to offer programs that work. With extensive clinical background in sensory integration, we partner with families, to offer understanding about their children and what types of intervention they may need. We don't believe every child or person needs therapy. We do believe every person can benefit from playful activities and that the brain can change at any age!

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We offer specialized occupational therapy assessment(s), consultations, and a range of intensive treatment or home program options for people with or without diagnoses. Classes & workshops offer training to kids, families & professionals to help kids move & learn!

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"If someone had told me our lives could be like this, I wouldn't have believed them. I see a 180 degree difference in [our daughter], since we started therapy. I can't thank Kelly enough for what she has given our family." — Mom to 7 y.o. girl post international adoption —
"You are the first person who has given us some answers and told us what to do." — Dad to 7 y.o. boy with learning disability —
"You helped me to "understand" [my son]. As a parent we may look at therapy as a way to fix our children. I'm sure that is why we originally came, but along the way I realized that understanding and learning how to support [our son] were more important than just a "fix"." — Mom to 8 y.o. boy with learning disability —
"Thank you for giving us our little boy back." — Mom to 3 y.o. boy with brain injury —

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